Colin Cameron


Colin JJ Cameron

Realtor® in Pennsylvania, Co-Founder of Re TV

Be Relatable, Everyday Video for the Everyday Agent.

Learn how to dominate your market with the “mayor strategy” through video and social media.

Get to know Colin:

Colin is a 3rd generation agent with eXp Realty, based out of Gettysburg, Pa. Colin has gained an edge in the industry with his heavy use of video and his understanding of social media. In 2018 his use of video garnered 400,000 organic local views. Colin also co-founded Re Tv in 2018 with his friend Tim Macy, it is a community created just for agents who are curious about the in's and out's of video, feel free to join them on Facebook.

In 2018 Colin formed a company called Small Town Agents with two of his best friends, Nicole Butcher and Jim Ling. Small Town Agents or STA is a media company with a focus on real estate. STA is known for its local content and its active engagement in its local community. STA was simply created with the idea that real estate doesn't have to be serious or pain staking... In fact it can be enjoyable. Feel free to visit them at