Elaine Sommerschield

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Elaine Sommerschield

COO WiseAgent

How to Funnel Facebook Leads into Your CRM

Learn how you can get leads into your CRM from Facebook (both paid and unpaid) and use the power of your CRM to convert those leads into customers.

Get to know Elaine:

Elaine Sommerschield is the Chief Operating Officer at Wise Agent, her primary focus is the growth and development of Wise Agent CRM. She also facilitates strategic integrations and partnerships for Wise Agent. She is committed to leveraging technology to be more efficient in order to enjoy a well-balanced life. Elaine was born and raised in Chicago, where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from DePaul University. She currently lives in a the quaint town of Fountain Hills, Arizona with her husband and three children. Elaine is fluent in English, Greek and Tech!